What is eCommerce optimization?

eCommerce optimization involves a comprehensive strategy to enhance your website, facilitating smooth conversions of visitors into customers. From navigation and design to content and product descriptions, every element on your site should deliberately guide users towards the ultimate goal: purchasing your offerings.

Given the intricacies of conversion rate optimization, determining necessary changes or additions often requires a thorough CRO audit. With over a decade of experience in web design and SEO, our team possesses the expertise and tools to enhance your website, ultimately enhancing your customer experience.

An impressive 71% of shoppers believe online purchases offer better deals than in physical stores.

Undoubtedly, online sales constitute a significant portion of product revenue, yet a mere 28% of small US businesses sell their products online, and even fewer optimize their websites to engage their target audience.

Are you leveraging eCommerce optimization to amplify your online profits? Do you operate a product-focused enterprise without an online purchasing avenue? We're here to assist!

eCommerce optimization specialists

We will craft or optimize your website to elevate your online earnings and capture your desired audience's attention.

Our effective eCommerce marketing strategies encompass:

  • Website layout and structure: Collaboratively ensure your online store's presentation is clean, navigable, and search engine-friendly.
  • Optimized content: Ensuring your product-related content is aptly optimized to increase discoverability.
  • Compelling calls to action:Crafting compelling content that converts potential researchers into paying customers.

You'll witness the benefits of investing in eCommerce Website Optimization through our detailed monthly reports, including:

  • Comprehensive Google Analytics reports providing an overview of site activity.
  • Regularly updated keyword rankings for your reference.
  • Detailed work reports outlining our activities and time allocation.
  • Monthly video summaries by your dedicated eCommerce optimization expert, reviewing activity and improvements.
  • Feel free to connect with your dedicated eCommerce specialist via email or phone for any inquiries or suggestions.

Did you know that an estimated 1.9 billion global online shoppers are expected in 2019? 

eCommerce selling has emerged as one of the most profitable methods for selling products and services, catering to independent entrepreneurs and large corporations alike. Employ a tailored eCommerce website design to attract your target audience, substantially boosting conversion and sales rates.

eCommerce Statistics

Currently, eCommerce sales are predicted to account for over 13.7% of global sales, highlighting its significant presence. As we approach 2021, eCommerce is projected to constitute around 17% of all sales, rapidly approaching a quarter of worldwide retail sales.

With the freedom to sell products and services without the constraints of physical stores, eCommerce selling has become more pervasive than ever.

Benefits of Custom eCommerce Website Design

In the booming eCommerce market, having a custom eCommerce web design is crucial to stand out amidst competition. Generic, uninspiring, or outdated eCommerce storefronts struggle to drive sales, conversions, and ROIs. A custom design leaves a lasting positive impression on visitors, engaging them in your brand.

Custom designs offer creative freedom, allowing you to select color schemes and embody your brand's aesthetic. Creating a layout from scratch empowers you to control your online store's look and feel from start to finish.

Advantages of Working with Custom Web Design Specialists

Collaborating with specialists in custom web design is highly recommended when building an eCommerce store that stands out. These experts are well-versed in platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

Whether you choose self-hosting or a hosted solution, partnering with specialists ensures a smooth process and a satisfying outcome.

Benefits of working with custom web design specialists include:

  • Assessment: Evaluate your current web presence, optimizing conveying your products, services, and messages.
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly:Craft responsive, mobile-friendly designs to engage tablet and smartphone users.
  • Modern Design:Tap into the latest design trends to create a unique, industry-relevant storefront.

Understanding the importance of eCommerce platforms is crucial for your business. With the right eCommerce web design, expand your online reach and attract motivated users who are willing to invest in your offerings.

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