Harness the potential of customer testimonials. Our video testimonial offering encourages your top clients, staff, and collaborators to express their brand interactions on camera, elevating your brand reputation and trustworthiness to unprecedented levels.

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Video Testimonial:
What It Is and Why It’s Good for Business

Leverage Brand Advocacy To Build Trust and Loyalty

Are your marketing efforts falling flat? The key to brand success is authenticity, and video customer testimonials are among the most important and influential marketing tools to build a strong, trusted and recognizable brand.

What Are Video Testimonials?

Online testimonial videos are multi-media marketing assets featuring past or existing customers, employees or business partners sharing their first-hand experience of your brand in their own voice.

Video testimonials involve real people sharing real pain points and a unique view of your brand, products or services and forming an emotional connection with your target audience.

In today’s digital landscape, where it takes so much work to gain consumer trust, knowing how to use testimonials to grow business is a surefire way to solidify your brand’s authenticity. Reinforce credibility and trust with relatable customer video testimonials.

Why Testimonials Are Good for Business

Build Customer Confidence. Demonstrate Your Solutions.

Every day, prospects are bombarded with similar messaging tactics from various companies across channels. Using video customer testimonials gives your marketing efforts a human touch, tapping into a deeply rooted psychological bias where people trust the opinion of others when making informed decisions.

Businesses that have mastered how to get customer testimonials and leverage them in digital marketing facilitate a better customer experience and drive more conversions. And some are so successful in it that they rely on customer testimonials as a primary marketing tool. Discover more benefits of customer testimonials:

Establish Social Proof

Customer video testimonials serve as social proof or a stamp of approval from other clientele and stakeholders. Showcasing small business testimonials on your website and other digital platforms is an effective way to build your brand reputation and attract new clients.

Elicit Emotional Response

Video customer testimonials trigger emotional responses in a way that text and even images can’t. The combination of words, visuals and sounds provides a 360-degree account of other customers’ experiences.This is a powerful way to convince viewers that they could benefit from the same positive experience.

Stay Transparent

One of the biggest problems businesses face is the lack of transparency and human connection. To fill that gap, customer testimonials humanize your brand, showcasing real people, relatable dialogue and honest, unscripted opinions that make your business memorable, approachable and trustworthy.

Boost Conversion Rates

Like any other marketing tool, customer testimonials serve as free brand endorsements that help boost customer trust, engagement and sales. Studies show 2 out of 3 prospects are more likely to purchase after viewing small business testimonials, increasing conversion rates by up to 32% (Wyzowl).

Drive Engagement

Customer video testimonials are more dynamic and enjoyable compared to text. When user-generated video content is combined with brand-authored content, consumer engagement improves by more than 25% (Semrush). Invest in testimonial video production services and give your brand advocates a chance to express their brand opinions.

Improve SEO

Compared to text-based small business testimonials, online testimonial videos are easy to share and visually interesting enough to prompt viewers to take action. Effective testimonial video services can increase your click-through rate (CTR) and dwell time, helping you rank higher on search results and drive conversions.

Thrive’s Video Testimonial Production Process

We Work With You From Script to Final Edit

At Thrive, we specialize in producing high-impact customer testimonials that tell a compelling story. Our testimonial video production company works closely with your team to capture the unique experiences of real people through professionally produced customer video testimonials.

Let us walk you through our testimonial video production process and get a glimpse of how to get customer testimonials that build a stronger brand image.

Discovery and Planning

Our testimonial video production process begins by understanding your objectives, target audience and the key messages you want to convey. We collaborate closely with you to gather information about the people who would make excellent subjects for video testimonials.

Customer Selection

Based on your criteria, our testimonial video production services team assists you in identifying satisfied customers or employees willing to share their experiences on camera. We ensure a diverse range of subjects to provide varied perspectives.


Before the actual video testimonial production, we help the subjects prepare their stories and highlight the key points that align with your objectives. We also answer any questions they may have to ensure they feel comfortable and confident during the interview.


Our experienced videographers conduct professional on-site or remote interviews with the subjects. We create a relaxed and conversational atmosphere, encouraging authentic and compelling responses. We also capture B-roll footage to supplement the testimonials, showcasing your products or services in action.


Our skilled editors meticulously review the footage and select the most impactful moments. We fine-tune the video testimonials, enhancing audio and visual quality and incorporating relevant B-roll footage. Graphics, music and other post-production elements are added to create polished online testimonial videos.

Client Review

We share the edited video customer testimonials with your team for review and feedback. Our testimonial video production company welcomes your input and makes necessary revisions to ensure the final output aligns with your brand’s tone, messaging and visual style. Clients get two revisions per customer testimonial.

Final Delivery

Once approved, we share the final product in your desired format and resolution. Our video testimonials service team also assists with video optimization and integration on relevant platforms, such as websites, social media or marketing campaigns.

Your Full-Service Video Production Company

Creating Videos and Photos That Drive Action

Our testimonial video production company offers more than testimonial video services. We have an in-house team of skilled drone videographers and photographers passionate about creating content that offers your target audience a high-quality experience of your products and services.

Get a glimpse of our latest drone videography and product photography projects:

How To Ask for Customer Testimonials

Establish Trust. Validate Feedback. Capture Real Emotions.

Happy customers and employees are among the best marketing resources you have at your disposal. Encourage people to share their positive experience partnering with you and reap the many benefits of customer testimonials.

Here are a few tips on how to ask for customer testimonials and capture high-quality responses:

1. Choose your timing carefully. Ask at their peak happiness point.

2. Customize your outreach for each prospect.

3. Establish why you’re getting video reviews, how testimonials help your business and how sharing their brand experience could benefit them as well.

4. Set clear expectations. Share filming guidelines and be specific about what you need.

5. Share examples to convince them to participate.

Want to know more about how to get customer testimonials? Schedule a consultation with our video testimonials service team today. We’re happy to answer your questions and show you how testimonials improve business and drive ROI.

Why Choose Thrive for Your Testimonial Video Production

Create an Affinity Between Your Prospects & Brand

Creative Team

We collaborate with our creative department to deliver online testimonial videos that are engaging, persuasive and aligned with your brand vision. Our goal is to produce captivating and authentic testimonial videos that effectively promote your brand, build trust with your audience and drive business growth.

Seasoned Videographers & Photographers

Our experienced team of professional videographers and photographers goes beyond surface-level, cookie-cutter testimonials. We strive to capture the emotional journey of the subject by conducting in-depth interviews and capturing genuine experiences and insights on camera.

In-Office Studio

We have an in-office studio equipped with the latest technology, giving us complete control over the testimonial video production environment. But we are also flexible. Our team can come to your site or find a mutual location to film the video customer testimonials.

Skilled Editors

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques to deliver visually stunning and compelling video testimonials. From lighting and composition to sound design and post-production, our editors ensure the final product is polished and ready for publishing.

Creative Storytelling Techniques

We understand that every brand has its own identity and target audience. Our testimonial video production services team takes the time to understand your goal, values and target market to create videos that effectively communicate your unique selling points.

Extreme Customer Focus

Our commitment to client satisfaction sets us apart. We value open communication, collaboration and feedback throughout the entire process. More importantly, we provide regular updates and opportunities for input, ensuring the final output exceeds your expectations.

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