Our Brandaid Google Analytics Offerings:

More than 72% of websites in the Quantcast Top 100K have opted for Google Analytics as their preferred analytics platform. Just like them, Brandaid Internet Marketing Agency has also made this selection. We employ Google Analytics for all our clients' websites to provide profound insights into their online marketing endeavors. Our marketing team members are certified by Google Analytics, and Brandaid holds the distinction of being a Google Certified Partner.

Google Analytics assessment services:

Require a thorough evaluation of your Google Analytics account's health? Brandaid can perform a comprehensive audit of your Google Analytics to ensure there are no discrepancies or gaps in the data gathering process. Our team of certified experts in Google Analytics will review the tracking code, configuration, data accuracy, conversion tracking, and account linkage.

Google Analytics account setup:

Our team is poised to guide you in the proper establishment and integration of a new or existing Google Analytics account. We ensure that the analytics account is accurately configured and that you're capturing essential business data for use in your data analysis.

Google Analytics consultancy:

Perhaps you've already set up Google Analytics, but you're seeking assistance to harness its full potential? Our group of Google Analytics experts can collaborate with you to define your data objectives. We can interpret your current data, suggest strategies to consolidate data from various websites, generate customizable reports, create conversion funnels, and much more.

Allow Brandaid to offer you Google Analytics services that empower you to make well-informed decisions guided by data.

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