Technical SEO refers to the process of ensuring that your website aligns with search engine guidelines, allowing it to be crawled and indexed smoothly. The primary objective of a technical SEO analysis is to evaluate your website's current SEO status and identify areas that require enhancement to provide a seamless online experience.

As time has passed, user preferences have undergone substantial changes, and search engines have grown more sophisticated. According to Statista, there are currently around 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. This significant increase in smartphone usage has prompted Google to introduce algorithm updates that prioritize site speed and mobile experience when ranking web pages.

In the present landscape, websites characterized by poor structure, sluggish page loading, and flawed redirects can face penalties from Google. If not addressed properly, these technical SEO issues can lead to a significant decline in search rankings and organic traffic. Considering that nearly 35 percent of clicks go to the top organic search results, a drop in ranking could have severe implications for your business.

The Essence of Technical SEO and Its Importance

At the heart of algorithmic shifts lies a single objective: delivering the most optimal user experience. To achieve this, it's crucial to grasp the essence of technical SEO, its scope, and how a technical SEO audit can be employed to ensure your website conforms to search engine guidelines and industry benchmarks.

Technical on-page SEO encompasses various elements such as site speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), robot’s exclusion standard (robots.txt), XML sitemap status, and content quality. These factors play a pivotal role in determining your website's online performance. According to Google, a 10-second page load time can result in a 123 percent surge in bounce rate. A mere one-second delay in mobile page loading can lead to a 20 percent decrease in conversion rate, an 11 percent drop in page views, and a 16 percent reduction in customer satisfaction.

Waiting until technical SEO issues trigger negative SEO repercussions for your website is unwise. Invest in technical SEO for eCommerce, WordPress, and other content management systems (CMS) now to save both time and money down the line.

Feel free to arrange a conversation with our technical SEO consultants to delve deeper into the significance of technical SEO for WordPress and its impact on your business.

Technical SEO Solutions Tailored for Local Businesses

Enhance Your Search Rankings Without Introducing Fresh Content

In today's fiercely competitive digital arena, it's imperative to remain up-to-date with the latest strategies in technical on-page SEO and algorithmic updates in order to elevate your website's profitability. Grasping the essence of what technical SEO entails equips you to structure your web pages to cater to both online users and search engine crawlers.

Technical SEO encompasses the subsequent procedures:

  • Conducting a thorough crawl error assessment
  • Eliminating instances of duplicate content
  • Auditing the preferred domain configuration
  • Enhancing metadata attributes
  • Evaluating HTTPS status codes
  • Identifying and rectifying broken hyperlinks
  • Generating an XML sitemap
  • Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Accelerating site loading speed
  • Employing robots.txt for directives
  • Optimizing website display for mobile devices
  • Conducting a comprehensive audit of redirects
  • Performing a site search via Google
  • And various other procedures.

We recognize that grappling with the intricate requisites and methodologies of technical optimization SEO while simultaneously managing core business functions can be a drain on your time, finances, and resources. That's precisely why our team of technical SEO consultants is available to help and support.

Services for Technical SEO

Craft Effective SEO Strategies for a Successful Online Campaign


We conduct a comprehensive audit of your website's technical SEO to identify and rectify any existing issues. This audit covers critical checkpoints such as mobile performance, internal link structure, page loading speed, XML sitemap, indexation, crawl errors, robots.txt, and site architecture. Using the insights gained from this analysis, we develop both short- and long-term solutions to enhance the visitor experience on your website and boost your rankings on Google.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of your competitors' optimization approaches and unveil opportunities for conversion. Our technical SEO consultants evaluate your competitors' performance in keywords, search engine rankings, social media presence, and technical and backlink profiles. This process empowers us to devise strategies that give you a distinct edge within your specific niche market.


Enhance your online visibility and attract more traffic through well-crafted meta tags that accurately describe your page content to both visitors and search engines. At BrandAid, we specialize in technical SEO for WordPress, involving the analysis and optimization of your meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robots tags. This meticulous approach ensures that any misuse of metadata won't negatively impact your SEO performance.


Large images can hamper site performance and deter visitors. Improve your site's loading speed and attract more customers with our technical SEO services for eCommerce. Our experts select the appropriate file formats, optimize alt attributes, reduce image file sizes, employ image sitemaps, and make the most of image optimization plugins.


Page speed has a direct impact on your ranking and, more importantly, the online experience of your customers. Our technical SEO specialists utilize file compression to reduce the size of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files. We optimize your code, minimize redirects, leverage browser caching, utilize content distribution networks (CDNs), and enhance server response times.


Simplify the process for search engines to crawl, interpret, and display your content by employing schema markup. We emphasize your page elements, assign data tags, create HTML structures, and add schema markup to your pages. Our team uses Google's Structured Data Testing Tool to validate your markup and address any potential issues.


Keyword research lays the foundation for your digital marketing strategy. Gain insights into current industry trends and consumer behavior while ensuring optimal keyword usage across your website. Our SEO specialists delve into your niche and conduct technical SEO audits to determine keyword rankings, optimizing your web pages with high-performing search terms.


Gain a deeper understanding of your website's online authority and search ranking potential, whether it's technical SEO for eCommerce or other platforms. Our team conducts thorough backlink analyses to ensure you acquire quality inbound links from reputable and authoritative websites. We utilize various backlink data sources to identify referring domains, assess their authority, and evaluate the social sharing impact of linked pages.


Recovering from Google penalties, whether due to algorithm changes or improper technical SEO practices, requires a strategic approach. Our SEO experts utilize Google Search Console to identify the type of penalty affecting your website, assess your backlink strategies, and address any variations in indexed pages and content. We also ensure the correctness of your redirects.


Website migration demands careful planning to avoid losing valuable traffic. Develop a comprehensive migration strategy to ensure a smooth transition. Our SEO-friendly website migration involves benchmarking analytics performance, mapping all altered URLs from the old to the new domain, updating internal links, eliminating duplicate content, managing 404 pages, and monitoring traffic and rankings throughout the process.

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